Optically smart X-band antenna array

  title={Optically smart X-band antenna array},
  author={Dana Zachery Anderson and Edeline Fotheringham and J. H. Loui and Darko Popovic and Paul Tincher Smith and Stefania Romisch and Zoya Popovic},
  booktitle={CLEO 2002},
Summary form only given. We demonstrate an optical processor that extracts the principal components of the spatiotemporal signals incident on an X-band antenna array. The entire system, including the microwave receiver and optical processor is packaged in a 33 cm x 45 cm by 15 cm briefcase and consumes less than 50 W of continuous power. The adaptive receiver system can be used, for example, to mitigate multipath interference effects, and can separate one received signal from another even… CONTINUE READING

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