Optically pumped parametric amplification for micromechanical oscillators

  title={Optically pumped parametric amplification for micromechanical oscillators},
  author={Maxim K. Zalalutdinov and Anatoli Olkhovets and Alex Zehnder and Bojan Ilic and David A. Czaplewski and Harold G. Craighead and Jeevak M. Parpia},
Micromechanical oscillators in the rf range were fabricated in the form of silicon discs supported by a SiO2 pillar at the disk center. A low-power laser beam, ( Plaser;100mW!, focused at the periphery of the disk, causes a significant change of the effective spring constant producing a frequency shift, D f (D f / f ;10). The high quality factor,Q, of the disk oscillator ( Q;10) allows us to realize parametric amplification of the disk’s vibrations through a double frequency modulation of the… CONTINUE READING
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