Optically polarized 3He.

  title={Optically polarized 3He.},
  author={Thomas R. Gentile and P-J. Nacher and B. Saam and Thomas G. Walker},
  journal={Reviews of modern physics},
  volume={89 4}
This article reviews the physics and technology of producing large quantities of highly spin-polarized 3He nuclei using spin-exchange (SEOP) and metastability-exchange (MEOP) optical pumping. Both technical developments and deeper understanding of the physical processes involved have led to substantial improvements in the capabilities of both methods. For SEOP, the use of spectrally narrowed lasers and K-Rb mixtures has substantially increased the achievable polarization and polarizing rate… 

A path to scaling helium-3 spin-exchange optical pumping

Polarized 3 He has contributed to breakthroughs in particle physics, neutron scattering, and lung imaging, mostly by optical pumping of liter quantities in valved cells or in sealed cells pumped in


OF DISSERTATION STUDIES OF MAGNETICALLY INDUCED FARADAY ROTATION BY POLARIZED HELIUM-3 ATOMS Gyromagnetic Faraday rotation o↵ers a new method to probe limits on properties of simple spin systems such

Enhanced polarization of low pressure 3He through metastability exchange optical pumping at high field

  • J. MaxwellJ. Alessi A. Zelenski
  • Physics
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
  • 2020

Nuclear hyperpolarization of He3 by magnetized plasmas

We describe a method, referred to as PAMP (polarization of atoms in a magnetized plasma), that allows hyperpolarization of 3He nuclear spins at high magnetic field solely by excitation of a rf gas

Development of an in Situ 3He NSF Using SEOP Technique with an Evaluation System for the Pulsed Neutron Source

Abstract A 3 He spin filter is a useful device for polarizing a neutron beam. We are developing the 3 He spin filters for users of the material and life science facility of the Japan Proton

Theoretical models of spin-exchange optical pumping: Revisited and reconciled

Theoretical models for continuous-flow and stopped-flow spin-exchange optical pumping of 129Xe have long predicted much higher 129Xe polarization values than are measured experimentally, leading to a

Review of noble-gas spin amplification via the spin-exchange collisions

Due to isolation from the environment with the protection of the full electronic shells, nuclear spins of noble gas typically feature extraordinary long coherence times, high polarization and good

Sensitive neutron transverse polarization analysis using a 3He spin filter.

We report an experimental implementation for neutron transverse polarization analysis that is capable of detecting a small angular change (≪10-3 rad) in neutron spin orientation. This approach is



Limits to the polarization for spin-exchange optical pumping of 3He.

Evidence is reported for a previously unrecognized surface relaxation process in a wide range of spin-exchange optical pumping cells that limits the polarization for current applications, including neutron spin filters, polarized targets, and polarized gas magnetic resonance imaging.

On the limits of spin-exchange optical pumping of 3He

We have obtained improvement in the 3He polarization achievable by spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP). These results were primarily obtained in large neutron spin filter cells using diode bar

Production of highly polarized 3He using spectrally narrowed diode laser array bars

We have produced 70%–75% 3He polarization by spin-exchange optical pumping in cells ≈100 cm3 in volume. The polarization achieved is consistent with known spin-exchange and spin-relaxation rates, but

Polarized 3He spin-filters using MEOP for wide-angle polarization analysis

Polarized 3He spin filters in neutron scattering

Fundamentals of Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping

The standard model of Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping of 3He has come under close scrutiny as researchers try to maximize the quantity and polarization of 3He. This paper will review four important

Optical measurement of 3He nuclear polarization for metastable exchange optical pumping studies at high magnetic field

Abstract.An accurate optical method to measure the nuclear polarization of 3He atoms in the 11S ground state is described. The absorption of a weak, probe laser beam is used to measure the relative

Development of high-performance alkali-hybrid polarized 3 He targets for electron scattering

We present the development of high-performance polarized ³He targets for use in electron scattering experiments that utilize the technique of alkali-hybrid spin-exchange optical pumping. We include

An accurate optical technique for measuring the nuclear polarisation of 3He gas

In the metastability exchange optical pumping cells of our on-site production unit and of our other experimental set-ups, we use a light absorption technique to measure the 3He nuclear polarisation.