Optically induced crystal-to-amorphous-state transition in As2S3

  title={Optically induced crystal-to-amorphous-state transition in As2S3},
  author={Miloslav Frumar and Andrew Philip Firth and A. E. Owen},
The optically induced transition of crystalline As 2 S 3 (orpiment) to the amorphous state was studied using Raman spectroscopy. The illumination of As 2 S 3 crystals by Kr laser light (530.9 and 568.2 nm wavelength) rapidly reduces the intensities of the narrow Raman lines of c-As 2 S 3 , while increasing the intensities of broad Raman bands (340 cm -1 ), 231 cm -1 ) typical of the amorphous state. The origin of the effect is non-thermal ; the light probably decreases the kinetic barrier for… CONTINUE READING