Optical transmission matrix as a probe of the photonic strength

  title={Optical transmission matrix as a probe of the photonic strength},
  author={Duygu Akbulut and Tom Strudley and Jacopo Bertolotti and Erik Bakkers and Ad Lagendijk and Otto L. Muskens and Willem L. Vos and Allard P. Mosk},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We demonstrate that optical transmission matrices (TMs) provide a powerful tool to extract the photonic strength of disordered complex media, independent of surface effects. We measure the TM of a strongly scattering GaP nanowire medium and compare the singular value density of the measured TM to a random-matrix-based wave transport model. By varying the transport mean free path and effective refractive index in the model, we retrieve the photonic strength. From separate numerical simulations… 

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