Optical tomography of a realistic neonatal head phantom.

  title={Optical tomography of a realistic neonatal head phantom.},
  author={A. P. Gibson and Roza Md Yusof and Hamid Dehghani and Jason Riley and Nick Everdell and Robin Richards and Jeremy C. Hebden and Martin Schweiger and Simon R. Arridge and David T. Delpy},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={42 16},
We have begun clinical trials of optical tomography of the neonatal brain. To validate this research, we have built and imaged an anatomically realistic, tissue-equivalent neonatal head phantom that is hollow, allowing contrasting objects to be placed inside it. Images were reconstructed by use of two finite-element meshes, one generated from a computed tomography image of the phantom and the other spherical. The phantom was filled with a liquid of the same optical properties as the outer… CONTINUE READING