Optical studies of two stripped-envelope supernovae – SN 2015ap (Type Ib) and SN 2016P (Type Ic)

  title={Optical studies of two stripped-envelope supernovae – SN 2015ap (Type Ib) and SN 2016P (Type Ic)},
  author={A. Gangopadhyay and K. Misra and D. K. Sahu and Shan-Qin Wang and B. Kumar and L. Li and G. Anupama and Raya Dastidar and N. Elias-rosa and M. Singh and S. Pandey and Pankaj Sanwal and A. Singh and S. Srivastav and L. Tartaglia and L. Tomasella},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
  • A. Gangopadhyay, K. Misra, +14 authors L. Tomasella
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • We present the photometric and spectroscopic studies of a Type Ib SN 2015ap and a Type Ic SN 2016P. SN 2015ap is one of the bright (M$_{V}$ = $-$18.04 mag) Type Ib while SN 2016P lies at an average value among the Type Ic SNe (M$_{V}$ = $-$17.53 mag). Bolometric light curve modelling of SNe 2015ap and 2016P indicates that both the SNe are powered by $^{56}$Ni + magnetar model with $^{56}$Ni masses of 0.01 M$_{\odot}$ and 0.002 M$_{\odot}$, ejecta masses of 3.75 M$_{\odot}$ and 4.66 M$_{\odot… CONTINUE READING


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