Optical stimulation of the facial nerve: a new monitoring technique?

  title={Optical stimulation of the facial nerve: a new monitoring technique?},
  author={Ingo Ulrik Teudt and Adam E Nevel and Agnella D. Izzo and Joseph T. Walsh and Claus-Peter Richter},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={117 9},
OBJECTIVES/ HYPOTHESIS One sequela of skull base surgery is iatrogenic damage to cranial nerves, which can be prevented if the nerve is identified. Devices that stimulate nerves with electric current assist in nerve identification. Contemporary devices have two main limitations: 1) the physical contact of the stimulating electrode and (2) the spread of the current through the tissue. In contrast to electrical stimulation, pulsed infrared optical radiation can be used to safely and selectively… CONTINUE READING