Optical recording material based on bacteriorhodopsin modified with hydroxylamine

  title={Optical recording material based on bacteriorhodopsin modified with hydroxylamine},
  author={Nicolai N. Vsevolodov and Tatyana V. Dyukova and Anna B Druzhko and V. Yu. Shakhbazyan},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
Photochromic films with a natural protein bacteriorhodopsin as a light-sensitive material have been known. Information storage in such films is no more than one minute. We have developed films in which photodecomposition of the protein-chromophore complex takes place during photoinduced hydroxylaminolysis. The spectral product is retinaloxime with the absorption band maximum at 380 nm. The irreversibility of retinaloxime formation permits this process to be used for production of memory systems… CONTINUE READING

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Reversible orientational birefringence in " Biochrom " ifims " , in : collected articles , Light - sensitive biological complexes and optical information registration

V. A. Barachevsky
  • 1988