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Optical properties of BAlN and BGaN for applications in latticematched UV optical structures.

  title={Optical properties of BAlN and BGaN for applications in latticematched UV optical structures.},
  author={Feras AlQatari and Muhammad Tariq Sajjad and Ronghui Lin and Kuang-Hui Li and Udo Schwingenschlogl and Xiaohang Li},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
The optical properties of BAlN and BGaN ternary alloys are investigated using first-principle calculation. Hybrid density functional theory is applied to determine the refractive indices of different alloys. A peculiar non-linear behavior of the static refractive index as a function of boron composition is found. The results of this calculation are interpolated to generate a three dimensional dataset, which could be used for designing a myriad of strained and strain-free optoelectronic and… 
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