Optical properties of Al doped ZnO Nanofibers Prepared by electrospinning

  title={Optical properties of Al doped ZnO Nanofibers Prepared by electrospinning},
  author={Chan-Geun Song and Jong-Won Yoon},
  • Chan-Geun Song, Jong-Won Yoon
  • Published 2011
  • Materials Science
  • Zinc oxide has semi-conductivity and super conductivity characteristics. It can be used optically and is applied on many areas such as gas sensor, solar cell and optical waveguide. In this paper, to improve optical characteristics of ZnO, aluminum was added on zinc oxide. Zinc oxide and aluminum zinc oxide was fabricated as nano fiber form. ZnO solution was created by mixing poly vinyl pyrrolidone, ethyl alcohol, and zinc acetate. An Al doped ZnO was created by adding aluminum solution to ZnO… CONTINUE READING

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