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Optical properties (uv-vis and ftir) of gamma irradiated polymethyl methacrylate (pmma)

  title={Optical properties (uv-vis and ftir) of gamma irradiated polymethyl methacrylate (pmma)},
  author={V. N. Rai and Chandrachud Mukherjee and Beena Jain},
  journal={arXiv: Chemical Physics},
The effect of gamma irradiation on the UV-Vis and FTIR spectroscopy of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) foils has been studied. A new absorption band is observed in the visible spectral range due to color centers induced in the gamma irradiated PMMA. This band shows maximum absorption (low transmission) for 10 kGy irradiation, which decreases and saturates after 50 kGy followed by a further increase at 500 kGy. The FTIR peaks show an increased absorption up to ~100 kGy irradiation, which reverses… 

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