Optical polarization–based seismic and water wave sensing on transoceanic cables

  title={Optical polarization–based seismic and water wave sensing on transoceanic cables},
  author={Zhongwen Zhan and Mattia Cantono and Valey Kamalov and Antonio Mecozzi and Rafael M{\"u}ller and Shuang Yin and Jorge C. Castellanos},
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Waiting for earthquakes to call Instrumenting the vast ocean floor is difficult and expensive but important for monitoring earthquakes and tsunamis. Zhan et al. used the polarization of regular telecommunication traffic to detect earthquakes and water swells in a 10,000-kilometer-long fiber-optic submarine cable (see the Perspective by Wilcock). The deep-water Curie cable is not as noisy as terrestrial counterparts, allowing the authors to detect strain from the cable. Results from the 9-month… Expand
Towards multi-method geophysical sensing on submarine cables 
The oceans present a major gap in geophysical instrumentation, hindering fundamental research on submarine earthquakes and the Earth’s interior structure, as well as effective earthquake and tsunamiExpand
Environmental Sensing in Existing Fiber Networks
Present-day underwater earthquake sensors like ocean bottom seismometers require a high cost to build and deploy. Installing existing submarine fibers into an interferometer is, on the other hand, aExpand
3D Acoustic-Elastic Coupling with Gravity: The Dynamics of the 2018 Palu, Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami
3D fully coupled acoustic-elastic model with gravity of the 2018 Sulawesi supershear earthquake and local tsunami in Palu Bay generates a clearly visible Mach cone altering the acoustic response of the ocean. Expand
Transoceanic Phase and Polarization Fiber Sensing using Real-Time Coherent Transceiver
We implement a real-time coherent transceiver with fast streaming outputs for environmental sensing. Continuous sensing using phase and equalizer outputs over 12800 km of a submarine cable isExpand


Field trial results on statistics of fast polarization changes in long haul WDM transmission systems
Field trials were carried out to determine the statistics of fast polarization changes in optical networks. Important data enabling the definition of speed requirements for PMD compensators andExpand
https://doi.org/10.22002/D1.1668. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank U. Holzle for initiating the subsea-based earthquake detection project
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Principles of Optics : Electromagnetic theory of propagation
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