Optical phonetics and visual perception of lexical and phrasal stress in English.

  title={Optical phonetics and visual perception of lexical and phrasal stress in English.},
  author={Rebecca Scarborough and Patricia Keating and Sven L. Mattys and Taehong Cho and Abeer Alwan},
  journal={Language and speech},
  volume={52 Pt 2-3},
In a study of optical cues to the visual perception of stress, three American English talkers spoke words that differed in lexical stress and sentences that differed in phrasal stress, while video and movements of the face were recorded. The production of stressed and unstressed syllables from these utterances was analyzed along many measures of facial movement, which were generally larger and faster in the stressed condition. In a visual perception experiment, 16 perceivers identified the… CONTINUE READING
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