Optical parametric generation in CdSiP2.

  title={Optical parametric generation in CdSiP2.},
  author={Olivier Jean Chalus and Peter Gerard Schunemann and Kevin T. Zawilski and Jens Biegert and Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={35 24},
We report efficient generation of picosecond pulses in the near- and mid-IR in the new nonlinear material CdSiP(2) pumped at 1.064 μm by an amplified mode-locked Nd:YVO(4) laser at a 100 kHz repetition rate. By using single-pass optical parametric generation in 8-mm-long crystal cut for type I(e→oo) noncritical phase matching, an average idler power of 154 mW at 6.204 μm together with 1.16 W of signal at 1.282 μm has been obtained for 6.1 W of pump at photon conversion efficiencies of 15% and… CONTINUE READING