Optical modulator array

  title={Optical modulator array},
  author={Leo Maria Chirovsky and Anthony L. Lentine and David A. B. Miller and エル.レンティーン アンソニー and エー.ビー.ミラー デヴィッド and レオ マリアエフ.シロフスキー},
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a matrix address method by only connecting two address means to an S-SEED i.e., only connecting a series connection diode pair to an external node by electrically connecting one address means to the central node of a S-SEED differential modulator. SOLUTION: This array has three rows Ri, i=1-3 and three columns Cj, j=1-3 and the plural electrical column bases Cj and plural electrical row buses Pi have plural light modulators composed of a bistable S-SEED… CONTINUE READING