Optical data transmission at 44Tb/s and 10 bits/s/Hz over the C-band with standard fibre and a single micro-comb source

  title={Optical data transmission at 44Tb/s and 10 bits/s/Hz over the C-band with standard fibre and a single micro-comb source},
  author={Bill Corcoran and Mengxi Tan and Xingyuan Xu and Andreas Boes and Jiayang Wu and Thach Giang Nguyen and Sai Tak Chu and Brent E. Little and Roberto Morandotti and Arnan Mitchell and David J. Moss},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
Micro-combs [1 - 4], optical frequency combs generated by integrated micro-cavity resonators, offer the full potential of their bulk counterparts [5,6], but in an integrated footprint. The discovery of temporal soliton states (DKS dissipative Kerr solitons) [4,7-11] as a means of modelocking microcombs has enabled breakthroughs in many fields including spectroscopy [12,13], microwave photonics [14], frequency synthesis [15], optical ranging [16,17], quantum sources [18,19], metrology [20,21… Expand
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