Optical band gap of the α−mercuric iodide

  title={Optical band gap of the α−mercuric iodide},
  author={A. Ferreira da Silva and Nelson Veissid and Chun Yan An and J. Caetano de Souza and Arac{\'e}lis Ferreira da Silva and P. C. M. A. Farias and Marisa Costa da Cruz},
We investigate by photoacoustic spectroscopy the optical band-gap energy of mercuric iodide, a-HgI*, grown by sublimation in a sealed ampoule. Due to its importance as a detector material operating at ambient temperature, the physical properties of a-HgI, have been recently studied. We found, by two different methods, the band-gap energies E,=2.32 and 2.39 eV, respectively. These results are in good agreement with recent measurements based on reflection and absorption spectra. 

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“ A . Rosencwaig and A . Gersho

  • A. Ferreira da Silva, H. Vargas, N. F. Leite, L. C. Miranda
  • J . Appl . Phys .
  • 1990

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