Optical and radio variability of the BL Lacertae object AO 0235+16: A possible 5-6 year periodicity

  title={Optical and radio variability of the BL Lacertae object AO 0235+16: A possible 5-6 year periodicity},
  author={Claudia Maria Raiteri and Massimo Villata and Hugh D. Aller and Maria F. Aller and J. Harmon Heidt and Omar M. Kurtanidze and Luca Lanteri and Mauro Maesano and Enrico Massaro and Franco Montagni and Roberto Nesci and K. Nishijima K. Nilsson and Maria G. Nikolashvili and Petteri Nurmi and Luisa Ostorero and Tapio Pursimo and Rami Tapani Fritiof Rekola and Aimo K. Sillanpaa and Leo O. Takalo and Harri Terasranta and Gino Tosti and Thomas J. Balonek and Markus Feldt and Elizabeth J. McGrath and Ami Heines and Claus Heisler and Jing-guo Hu and Mark Richard Kidger and John Richard Mattox and Anasuya Pati and Raymond Robb and Alberto Carlo Sadun and Prajval Shastri and Stefen J. Wagner and Jiahua Wei and Xiaohui Wu},
The BL Lacertae object AO 0235+16 is well known for its extreme optical and radio variability. New optical and radio data have been collected in the last four years by a wide international collaboration, which conrm the intense activity of this source: on the long term, overall variations of 5 mag in the R band and up to a factor 18 in the radio fluxes were detected, while short-term variability up to 0:5 mag in a few hours and 1: 3m ag in one day was observed in the optical band. The optical… CONTINUE READING

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Optical and radio variability of AO 0235+16

C. M. Raiteri
  • IAU Circ.,
  • 1999