Optical Super-Resolution Imaging of Surface Reactions.

  title={Optical Super-Resolution Imaging of Surface Reactions.},
  author={Tao Chen and Bin Dong and Kuangcai Chen and Fei Zhao and Xiaodong Cheng and Changbei Ma and Seungah Lee and Peng Zhang and Seong Ho Kang and Ji Won Ha and Weilin Xu and Ning Fang},
  journal={Chemical reviews},
  volume={117 11},
Optical super-resolution imaging has gained momentum in investigations of heterogeneous and homogeneous chemical reactions at the single-molecule level. Thanks to its exceptional spatial resolution and ability to monitor dynamic systems, much detailed information on single-molecule reaction/adsorption processes and single-particle catalytic processes has been revealed, including chemical kinetics and reaction dynamics; active-site distributions on single-particle surfaces; and size-, shape… CONTINUE READING