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Optical Structure and Physics of the M87 Jet

  title={Optical Structure and Physics of the M87 Jet},
  author={Eric S. Perlman and William Sparks and John A. Biretta and Duccio Macchetto and J. Patrick Leahy},
  • Eric S. Perlman, William Sparks, +2 authors J. Patrick Leahy
  • Published 2001
  • Physics
  • We summarize HST observations of the M87 jet, concentrating on polarimetry and spectral index maps, and compare its optical and radio structures. The evidence now supports a stratified model for the structure of the jet, whereby high-energy, optical synchrotron emitting particles occupy physically different regions of the jet, closer to the jet axis, with different magnetic field configurations. It is in these regions where the shocks that produce the knots in the inner jet appear to originate… CONTINUE READING

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