Optical Scintillometer/Doppler Radar Instrument For Profiling Turbulence

  title={Optical Scintillometer/Doppler Radar Instrument For Profiling Turbulence},
  author={James H. Churnside and Steven F. Clifford},
  booktitle={Defense, Security, and Sensing},
  • James H. Churnside, Steven F. Clifford
  • Published in
    Defense, Security, and…
  • Physics, Engineering
  • The scintillation of starlight contains information about the refractive turbulence strength in the atmosphere. The fluctuations to each two-dimensional spatial wavenumber in the scintillation pattern are caused by turbulent features that have the same two-dimensional wavenumber. Therefore, a receiver that spatially filters the scintillations in starlight can measure the amount of turbulence in the atmosphere in a narrow band of wavenumbers. If the entire atmosphere were moving with constant… CONTINUE READING

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