• Materials Science, Engineering
  • Published in Other Conferences 1990
  • DOI:10.1117/12.952992

Optical Fibre Refractometer For Liquid Refractive Index Measurement

  title={Optical Fibre Refractometer For Liquid Refractive Index Measurement},
  author={Witold Golunski and Ryszard Hypszer and Jerzy Plucinski},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
The construction and principle of operation of optical fibre refractometer is given in the paper. The refractometer operates on attenuation changing measurement. The attenuation changing is a function of mode radiation from specially bent optical fibre. A quartz step index, optical fibre with polymer coat and 130 um core in diameter was used to develop the model of the sensor. At the place of bending the coat was removed. The sensors with a different diameter of bending were examined in liquids… CONTINUE READING