Optical Fiber Sensors for loT and Smart Devices

  title={Optical Fiber Sensors for loT and Smart Devices},
  author={Maria de F{\'a}tima Domingues and Ayman Radwan},
Design and development of multi-sensor based on all fiber NXN twisted plastic optical fiber
A 3X3 plastic optical fiber (POF) twisted coupler has been fabricated as a compact sensor of multiple variables. The POFs are twisted into a combined body and the clad was removed by chemical method.
POF in Healthcare: Solutions, Applications and Implications – a Perspective
Here, a selection of recent solutions within wearable photonic sensors are discussed as to provide insight for further development and implications of long-term monitoring are discussed including data mining.
Review of Fiber Optical Sensors and Its Importance in Sewer Corrosion Factor Analysis
Adverse effects of wastewater on the hygiene of human and circumstances is a major issue in society. Appropriate refining systems with high efficiency is required to treat the wastewater. Sewage
FBG-Based Sensing for Structural Health Monitoring of Road Infrastructure
Information is provided on how to identify the different types of materials used in the construction of bridges, as well as how to select the best materials for each type of bridge.
3D Printed Spirometer for Pulmonary Health Assessment Based on Fiber Bragg Gratings
The evaluation of lungs functionality enables the diagnose and monitoring of several pulmonary disorders. Spirometry is an established technique for pulmonary function tests, which provides
UnderstAnding big sensed dAtA
It is argued that efficient management of IoT systems in smart communities and cities lies not in sensing systems alone, but in the expedited funneling and processing of data as the authors attempt to prune the unnecessary and build on the valuable.
Investigation on fiber optic sensor using FBG for various temperature and liquid density
There are several issues that present in conventional sensor including its accuracy, safety, durability and RF effect. These issues could be minimized with the implementation of fiber optic sensor.
Wearable Devices for Remote Physical Rehabilitation Using a Fabry-Perot Optical Fiber Sensor: Ankle Joint Kinematic
The proposed device is a non-invasive, small size and easy to use solution, based on a cost-effective in-line Fabry-Perot interferometer, complemented with new dynamic interrogation techniques that allow the angular monitoring of the ankle-shank joint during gait (walking).
The Field Monitoring Experiment of the Roof Strata Movement in Coal Mining Based on DFOS
The indoor test results show that the high-strength SS optical fiber has a high strain transfer performance, which can be coupled with the concrete anchor with uniform deformation, and the law of roof strata fracturing and collapse is obtained from the field test results.
A review on five key sensors for monitoring of concrete structures
  • Shima Taheri
  • Materials Science
    Construction and Building Materials
  • 2019