Optical Energy Storage Properties of (Ca1−xSrx)2Si5N8: Eu2+, Tm3+ Solid Solutions

  title={Optical Energy Storage Properties of (Ca1−xSrx)2Si5N8: Eu2+, Tm3+ Solid Solutions},
  author={Jin Wang and Haoran Zhang and Bingfu Lei and Hanwu Dong and Haiming Zhang and Yingliang Liu and Mingtao Zheng and Yong Xiao},
While the reddish-orange emitting phosphors M2Si5N8:Eu2+(M = Ca, Sr) have been intensively investigated as potential materials for white-light-emitting diodes, in this study, optical energy storage properties of (Ca1−xSrx)2Si5N8: Eu2+, Tm3+ (x = 0–1) solid solutions were tuned by cation substitution, which was commonly used to tune color point for improving w-LEDs. Partial substitution of either Ca by Sr or Sr by Ca resulted in a redshifted Eu2+ emission which had a demarcation point at x = 0.5… CONTINUE READING