Optical Conductivity of Mayenite : From Insulator to Metal

  title={Optical Conductivity of Mayenite : From Insulator to Metal},
  author={Ricardo P S M Lobo and Nicole Bontemps and Mariana I. Bertoni and Thomas O Mason and Kenneth R Poeppelmeier and Arthur J. Freeman and M. S. Park and Julia E. Medvedeva},
Mayenite-based oxides [12CaO·7Al2O3] starting from [Ca24Al28O64] 4+ + 2O2− (insulator) and subsequently annealed so as to obtain [Ca24Al28O64] 4+ + 4e− (metal) were studied by reflectance and transmission on seven samples with dc conductivities spanning the range 10−10 to 1500 Ω−1 cm−1. Three of them are essentially insulating. The remaining display an increasing dc conductivity as the electron concentration increases. A set of phonons in the infrared below 0.15 eV and an intense line in the… CONTINUE READING


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