Optical Characterization of Zn0:95 xBe0:05MnxSe Mixed Crystals


Temperature-dependent photoluminescence (PL), contactless electrore ectance (CER) and surface photovoltage spectroscopy (SPS) characterizations of two Zn0:95 xBe0:05MnxSe mixed crystals with Mn contents x = 0.05 and 0.20 grown by using the modi ed high-pressure Bridgman method has been carried out in the temperature range of 15 { 300 K. A typical PL spectrum at low temperature consists of a free exciton line, an edge emission due to recombination of shallow donor-acceptor pairs and Mn2+-related intra-ionic emissions. The near band edge transition energies are determined by analyzing the CER and the SPS spectra. The peak positions of the exciton emission lines in the PL spectra correspond quite well to the energies of the fundamental transitions determined from CER and SPS data. The parameters that describe the temperature dependence of the transition energy of the fundamental band-edge exciton are evaluated and discussed.

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