Optical 3D-storage in sol–gel materials with a reading by optical coherence tomography-technique

  title={Optical 3D-storage in sol–gel materials with a reading by optical coherence tomography-technique},
  author={Jorge-Alejandro Reyes-Esqueda and Laurent Vabre and Romain Lecaque and Francois Ramaz and Benoit C. Forget and Arnaud Dubois and Bernard Briat and Claude A. Boccara and Gis{\`e}le Roger and Michael Canva and Yves L{\'e}vy and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Chaput and Jean-Pierre Boilot . Groupe dOptique Non-lineaire and Laboratoire Charles Fabry de lInstitut dOptique Theorique et Appliquee and Laboratoire dOptique Physique and Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles and Groupe de Chimie du Solide and Laboratoire de Physique de la Matiere Condensee and Ecole Nationale Polytechnique},
  journal={Optics Communications},
Potential of multi-photon reading and writing for optical data storage systems
A brief overview of MP physics for ODS, writing and readout techniques, MP-ODS systems published to date, potential storage densities, new compact MP laser sources appropriate for O DS, and a new MP enhancement effect for readout signal enhancement are discussed.
Six-dimensional optical storage utilizing wavelength selective, polarization sensitive, and reflectivity graded Bragg reflectors
  • Shangqing Liu
  • Physics
    Optics & Photonics - Optical Engineering + Applications
  • 2014
An optical storage system which stores data in three spacial and three physical dimensions is designed and investigated. Its feasibility has been demonstrated by theoretical derivation and numerical
Beyond biomedicine: a review of alternative applications and developments for optical coherence tomography
A detailed overview of the so far presented OCT-based methods and applications, ranging from dimensional metrology, material research and non-destructive testing, over art diagnostics, botany, microfluidics to data storage and security applications, and include new data from a study on penetration depths in various polymer materials.
A master and slave servo technique that maintains tracking and focus registration inside a volumetric two-photon disc is presented, and a dynamic test stand with full capability of closed-loop
Optimized six-dimensional optical storage: a practicable way to large capacity and fast throughputs
An optimized six-dimensional storage system has been investigated theoretically. The system uses multiple beams to create overlapped micro gratings as each storage cell. The cell capacity depends
Photocurable silica hybrid organic–inorganic films for photonic applications
We report the preparation of hybrid organic–inorganic films deposited by dip-coating from a base-catalyzed sol containing tetraethoxysilane and 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane as the silicon
Materials for Multilayer Recording
An attractive feature of optical discs is their capacity. Recent research has indicated that the capacity of optical discs can be increased by using multiple layers of bitwise data. Layers are spaced
Preparation and optical characterization of catalyst free SiO2 sonogel hybrid materials
The synthesis of sol-gel materials induced by ultrasonic irradiation (sonolysis) is implemented as an alternative method for the fabrication of highly pure organic-inorganic composites with good


Three-dimensional optical storage inside transparent materials.
We present a novel method for three-dimensional optical data storage that has submicrometer size resolution, provides a large contrast in index of refraction, and is applicable to a wide range of
Three-dimensional optical data storage in refractive media by two-photon point excitation.
What is to our knowledge the first high-density (>10(12) bits/cm(3)) optical recording of digital information in a multilayered, three-dimensional format is reported. Information is written as
Recording by microexplosion and two-photon reading of three-dimensional optical memory in polymethylmethacrylate films
We report the recording of a three-dimensional (3D) pattern in bulk polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA) films by microexplosion induced by a tightly focused (numerical aperture of oil-immersion objective
Two-photon readout of three-dimensional memory in silica
We report the readout of three-dimensional (3D) optical memory in silica by detecting the photoluminescence (PL) of the bits (voxels). A broad defect-related PL band at 400–700 nm was excited by
Photorefractive optics in three-dimensional digital memory
To exceed the capacity limitation of the surface-recording method of current optical data storage, the third dimension is introduced with photorefractive materials. Photorefractive materials are
Thermal-light full-field optical coherence tomography.
This system, based on a Linnik-type interference microscope, illuminated by a white-light thermal lamp, has the highest resolution demonstrated to date for OCT imaging and realistic volume rendering of structures inside biological tissues is possible.
3D bit-oriented optical storage in photopolymers
The bit-oriented data storage of conventional optical disks may be expanded into the third dimension by using microscopic reflection gratings instead of pits. Microgratings are holographically
Two-photon absorption-based 3D optical memories
The rapid advance of image-dependent information processing and entertainment applications has accelerated the need for data storage solutions that offer high capacity and high data transfer rates
Use of two-photon absorption in a photorefractive crystal for three-dimensional optical memory.
The use of two-photon absorption in a photorefractive crystal for recording bit data in multilayered optical memory is described and recording and reading seven layers of data in a LiNbO(3) crystal is succeeded.