[Optic nerve schwannoma].


OBJECTIVE To report the occurrence of an orbital schwannoma probably arising from the optic nerve sheath. PATIENT AND METHOD Clinical case report. RESULTS A 65-year-old patient presented with a painless, progressive right proptosis over five years. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an intraconal mass, radiographically consistent with a cavernous… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.jfo.2012.01.014


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@article{Leruez2013OpticNS, title={[Optic nerve schwannoma].}, author={St{\'e}phanie Leruez and Philippe Gohier and Ph Menei and Dan Milea}, journal={Journal francais d'ophtalmologie}, year={2013}, volume={36 3}, pages={e49-53} }