Opsonophagocytosis in infected urine: relation to pH and osmolality.

  title={Opsonophagocytosis in infected urine: relation to pH and osmolality.},
  author={Robert A. Gargan and J M.T. Hamilton-miller},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={152 5 Pt 1},
Polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) in freshly voided urines from 20 symptomatic bacteriuric patients were examined. Although the PMN were viable (median 85%), in only 2 cases could phagocytosis of the infecting organisms be demonstrated, even after the addition of serum opsonins. Polymorphonuclear neutrophils from urines of 12 patients were also unable to phagocytose added opsonized Staphylococcus aureus. These urines were found to be of pH < 6.0 and/or osmolality > 700, or < 180 mOsm. However… CONTINUE READING