Opportunities for increased nitrogen-use efficiency from improved resource management in irrigated rice systems

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Nitrate leaching from applied fertilizer is reduced by precision nitrogen management in baby corn cropping systems

In-situ field studies were conducted for three consecutive baby corn ( Zea mays L.) growing seasons to quantify the amount of reactive N flowing beyond the rhizosphere while defining mitigation

Performance of Site‐Specific Nutrient Management for Irrigated Rice in Southeast China

Rice {Oryza sativa L.) yield increases in Zhejiang, China have slowed since 1985 despite the increasing use of hybrids and fertilizers. On-farm experiments at 21 sites were conducted to evaluate a

Differential responses of system of rice intensification (SRI) and conventional flooded-rice management methods to applications of nitrogen fertilizer

BackgroundRising food demand, slowing productivity growth, poor N-use efficiency in rice, and environmental degradation necessitate the development of more productive, environmentally-sound crop and

Performance of Site-Specific Nutrient Management for Irrigated, Transplanted Rice in Northwest India

As defined in this study, SSNM has potential for improving yields and nutrient efficiency in irrigated, transplanted rice in Punjab, India.

Land management between crops affects soil inorganic nitrogen balance in a tropical rice system

AbstractSustainable production of lowland rice (Oryza sativa L.) requires minimising undesirable soil nitrogen (N) losses via nitrate (NO3−) leaching and denitrification. However, information is



Improving nitrogen fertilizer efficiency in lowland rice in tropical Asia

Rice production in Asia must increase 2.2–2.8% annually to keep abreast of increasing population. Greater fertilizer use and crop intensification together with varietal improvement and investment in

The efficacy and loss of fertilizer N in lowland rice

Nitrogen fertilization is a key input in increasing rice production in East, South, and Southeast Asia. The introduction of high-yielding varieties has greatly increased the prospect of increasing