Opioids modulate post-ischemic progression in a rat model of stroke.

  title={Opioids modulate post-ischemic progression in a rat model of stroke.},
  author={Tsung-Kuei Kao and Yen-chuan Ou and S L Liao and Wen-Ying Chen and Chun-Chiang Wang and Shih-Yun Chen and A H Chiang and Chun-Jung Chen},
  journal={Neurochemistry international},
  volume={52 6},
Alterations in the opioidergic system have been found in cerebral ischemia. Neuroprotection studies have demonstrated the involvement of the opioidergic system in cerebral ischemia/reperfusion (I/R). However, the neuroprotective mechanisms remain largely unclear. This study was conducted to investigate whether intracerebroventricular administration of opioidergic agonists has a neuroprotective effect against cerebral ischemia in rats and, if this proved to be the case, to determine the… CONTINUE READING
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