Opioids in anaesthesia: a questionnaire survey in Finland.

  title={Opioids in anaesthesia: a questionnaire survey in Finland.},
  author={Reino P{\"o}yhi{\"a}},
  journal={European journal of anaesthesiology},
  volume={11 3},
A questionnaire was sent to the pharmacies of 88 Finish hospitals with surgical departments to inquire about the consumption of opioids during 1990. Another questionnaire was sent to 480 members of the Finnish Society of Anaesthesiologists to ask how they administer opioids to adult patients. Answers were received from 95% of hospitals and 67% of anaesthetists. Dextropropoxyphene was the most common oral opioid and oxycodone was the most common parenteral opioid used in Finland. Parenteral… CONTINUE READING
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