Opioid therapy and immunosuppression: a review.

  title={Opioid therapy and immunosuppression: a review.},
  author={Ricardo Marin Vallejo and Oscar A de Le{\'o}n-Casasola and Ramsun Benyamin},
  journal={American journal of therapeutics},
  volume={11 5},
The idea that opioids modulate the immune system is not new. By the late 19th century, Cantacuzene, used morphine to suppress cellular immunity and lower the resistance of guinea pigs to bacterial infection. While exogenous opioids mediate immunosuppression, endogenous opiates exert opposite actions. Acute and chronic opioid administration is known to have inhibitory effects on humoral and cellular immune responses including antibody production, natural killer cell activity, cytokine expression… CONTINUE READING
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