Opioid overdose mortality in Australia, 1964-1997: birth-cohort trends.

  title={Opioid overdose mortality in Australia, 1964-1997: birth-cohort trends.},
  author={Wayne D Hall and Louisa Degenhardt and Michael T Lynskey},
  journal={The Medical journal of Australia},
  volume={171 1},
OBJECTIVE To examine trends in rates of opioid overdose deaths from 1964 to 1997 in different birth cohorts. DESIGN Age-period-cohort analysis of national data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Annual population rates of death attributed to opioid dependence or accidental opioid poisoning in people aged 15-44 years, by sex and birth cohort (in five-year intervals, 1940-1944 to 1975-1979). RESULTS The rate of opioid overdose deaths increased 55-fold between… CONTINUE READING

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