Opioid analgesics for persistent pain in the older patient

  title={Opioid analgesics for persistent pain in the older patient},
  author={David R. P. Guay},
  • David R. P. Guay
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine
  • Naturally occurring opioids have been used as analgesics for thousands of years. From these, semisynthetic and synthetic derivatives have emerged in the search for the ‘perfect’ opioid analgesic, without success. Weak opioid analgesics include codeine and propoxyphene, intermediate-strength opioid analgesics include the agonist-antagonists (e.g., pentazocine and butorphanol) and the partial agonist buprenorphine and the strong opioid analgesics include morphine, oxycodone, oxymorphone… CONTINUE READING

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