Opinion of Headhunters about the Ability of Strabismic Subjects to Obtain Employment

  title={Opinion of Headhunters about the Ability of Strabismic Subjects to Obtain Employment},
  author={Stefania Margherita Mojon-Azzi and Daniel St{\'e}phane Mojon},
  pages={430 - 433}
Background: Through the opinion of Swiss headhunters, we wanted to determine the influence of strabismus on the ability to obtain employment. Methods:Out of 31 randomly selected Swiss headhunters, 20 could be interviewed using a validated questionnaire. Results: Forty-seven percent of the headhunters judged that strabismic subjects have more difficulties in obtaining a job. Gender has no influence on discrimination (p > 0.1). Asked about six facial disfigurements, strabismus was found to have… 

Opinions of dating agents about strabismic subjects’ ability to find a partner

Among the seven facial disfigurements, strabismus was believed to have the third largest negative impact on finding a partner, after strong acne and a visible missing tooth.

The perception of strabismus by children and adults

Adults and children rated a squinting right eye as worse compared to a left one and esotropia as more disturbing than exotropia, while almost all adults would correct all forms of strabismus, and think that surgery should be covered by compulsory health insurance.

Psychosocial impacts of adult strabismus and strabismus surgery: a review of the literature.

An evaluation of the Amblyopia and Strabismus Questionnaire using Rasch analysis.

The findings highlight the limitations of the A&SQ instrument in the assessment of vision-related quality-of life (VR-QoL) in subjects with strabismus and especially in those with amblyopia alone and suggest that separate instruments are needed to quantify VR- QoL in amblyopes with and without strabistsus.

Strabismus and discrimination in children: are children with strabismus invited to fewer birthday parties?

Children aged 6 years or older with a visible squint seem to be less likely to be accepted by their peers, and corrective surgery for strabismus without prospects for binocular vision should be performed before this age.

The Functional Benefits of Strabismus Surgery

  • B. Kushner
  • Medicine
    Journal of binocular vision and ocular motility
  • 2018
The finding that the majority of adults surveyed with strabismus would trade a portion of their life expectancy to be rid of their strabistismus is reflected, reflected in the finding that most adults will experience some improvement in binocular function after strabismsus surgery.

Impact of Low Vision on Employment

Analysis of this dataset from 12 countries demonstrates the strong impact of self-reported visual impairment on individual employment, and therefore on job satisfaction, productivity, and well-being.

Negative social reaction to strabismus in school children ages 8-12 years.

Prevalence of Refractive Error and Strabismus in Primary School Children of Tehsil Lakki Marwat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Refractive error was found as a main cause of visual impairment in school children and prevalence of strabismus among this study population is relatively low as compared to the global prevalence of 2% to 5%.

Geographic Variation in Strabismus Pattern Among Pediatric Age Group in Lebanon: A Single-Centre Five-Year Observational Study

The light is shed on the crucial role of early ophthalmologic examination, to detect early refractive error and strabismus, and to prevent amblyopia in patients younger than 16 years of age.



The negative psychosocial impact of strabismus in adults.

The value of strabismus surgery.

Considering the effort required on the part of the ophthalmologist, together with the physical and psychological benefit to the patient, the cost of strabismus surgery should be equal to that of any major ophthalmic surgical procedure.

Psychosocial aspects of strabismus study.

Psychosocial difficulties relating to socially noticeable strabismus are not just a problem for school-children but also for teenagers and adults, and Correction of strabs in the older teenager or adult may offer them improvement in psychosocial functioning.

The value of adult strabismus correction to the patient.

  • J. Baker
  • Medicine
    Journal of AAPOS : the official publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
  • 2002
There is a tremendous need to educate the medical community and the lay public that adults with strabismus can be helped with restoration of their eyes to a position of alignment for normal function.

Perceived Functional Impact of Abnormal Facial Appearance

A large, sample-based evaluation of the perceived social functioning, interpersonal characteristics, and employability indices for a range of facial appearances (normal and abnormal) was established to establish a significant negative effect on perceptions of social functionality, including employability, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Adult psychological functioning of individuals born with craniofacial anomalies.

Results suggest that adults who were born with craniofacial disfigurement, as compared with non-facially disfigured adults, experience greater dissatisfaction with facial appearance and lower self-esteem and quality of life; however, these experiences do not seem to be universal.

The effects of applicant's health status and qualifications on simulated hiring decisions.

Results indicated that level of quantification affected decisions to hire the applicant in the predicted direction and both the diabetic and obese applicant were less likely to be hired, although they were rated similarly on personal appearance, attitude during the interview, and communication skills.

Telephone survey methods : sampling, selection, and supervision

INTRODUCTION Total Survey Error Telephone Surveying in Perspective The Telephone Phenomenon in the United States Basic Steps in the Telephone Survey Process Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing