Opinion Mining of Twitter Data using Hadoop and Apache Pig

  title={Opinion Mining of Twitter Data using Hadoop and Apache Pig},
  author={Anjali Barskar and Ajay Kumar Phulre},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
Twitter, one of the largest and famous social media site receives millions of tweets every day on variety of important topic. This large amount of raw data can be used for industrial , Social, Economic, Government policies or business purpose by organizing according to our need and processing. Hadoop is one of the best tool options for twitter data analysis and hadoop works for distributed Big data , Streaming data , Time Stamped data , text data etc. This paper discuss how to use FLUME for… 

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Peoplein the-modern-day-worldソareﻴ�attracted-to-towards-smart-ness-and-situational-awareness-awarenessエ; will-be-in-the-know-by-tomorrows, will- be-out-of-towners, will be able to find out as soon as possible.
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