Opiates as antidepressants.

  title={Opiates as antidepressants.},
  author={Esther Berrocoso and Pilar S{\'a}nchez-Bl{\'a}zquez and J. Rodŕıguez Garz{\'o}n and Juan Antonio Mic{\'o}},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={15 14},
The pathophysiology of mood disorders involves several genetic and social predisposing factors, as well as a dysregulated response to a chronic stressor, i.e. chronic pain. Our present view that depression involves a dysfunction of the monoaminergic system is a result of important clinical and preclinical observations over the past 40 years. In fact, current pharmacological treatment for depression is based on the use of drugs that act mainly by enhancing brain serotonin and noradrenaline… CONTINUE READING
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