Ophthalmodynamometric diagnosis of unilateral ischemic ophthalmopathy.

  title={Ophthalmodynamometric diagnosis of unilateral ischemic ophthalmopathy.},
  author={Jost Bruno Jonas and Antje Niessen},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={134 6},
PURPOSE To describe a patient presenting with typical signs of vascular occlusive retinopathy. DESIGN Observational case report. METHODS A 65-year-old man experienced painless unilateral loss of vision to 4/20 in his left eye. Ophthalmoscopy of the left eye showed pronounced attenuation of the retinal arterioles, ischemic retinal edema, and a few intraretinal hemorrhages. Fluorescein angiography revealed a diffusely reduced retinal perfusion typical of retinal occlusive disease. Using a new… CONTINUE READING
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