Ophthalmic manifestations of maxillary sinus mucoceles.

  title={Ophthalmic manifestations of maxillary sinus mucoceles.},
  author={L. David Ormerod and Alfred L. Weber and Steven D. Rauch and Steven E. Feldon},
  volume={94 8},
Mucoceles involving any of the paranasal sinuses may present with ophthalmic disturbances. Maxillary antral mucoceles can encroach on the inferior orbit with ocular displacement and compression, proptosis or enophthalmos, lower lid distortion, tethering of extraocular muscles, and ptosis. Periocular pain, erosion of the inferior orbital rim, infraorbital nerve compression, epiphora, and inner canthal swellings are other important presentations. Postoperative mucoceles may involve only a portion… CONTINUE READING