Operator-theoretic infrared renormalization and construction of dressed 1-particle states

  title={Operator-theoretic infrared renormalization and construction of dressed 1-particle states},
  author={Thomas Chen},
We consider the infrared problem in a model of a freely propagating, nonrelativistic charged particle of mass 1 in interaction with the quantized electromagnetic field. The hamiltonian of the system is regularized by an infrared cutoff $\ssig\ll 1$ and an ultraviolet cutoff $\Lambda\sim 1$ in the interaction term, in units of the mass of the charged particle. Due to translation invariance, it suffices to study $\Hps$, the restriction of the hamiltonian to the fibre Hilbert space of the… 

Mass Renormalization in Non-relativistic Quantum Electrodynamics with Spin 1/2

The effective mass $\mass$ of the the Pauli-Fierz Hamiltonain with ultraviolet cutoff $\Lambda$ and the bare mass $m$ in nonrelativistic QED with spin 1/2 is investigated. Analytic properties of

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Using the Pauli-Fierz model of non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics, we calculate the binding energy of an electron in the field of a nucleus of charge $Z$ and in presence of the quantized

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One of the key difficulties in the study of non-relativistic QED is the appearance of infrared singularities in the computation of many fundamentally important quantities, such as scattering

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Abstract.We consider a system of N nonrelativistic particles of spin 1/2 interacting with the quantized Maxwell field (mass zero and spin one) in the limit when the particles have a small

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We consider a spin 1 2 electron in a translation-invariant model of non-relativistic Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). Let H(~ p, σ) denote the fiber Hamiltonian corresponding to the conserved momentum

Spectral Analysis of the Dirac Polaron

A system of a Dirac particle interacting with the radiation field is considered. The Hamiltonian of the system is defined by $H = \alpha\cdot(\hat\mathbf{p}-q\mathbf{A}(\hat\mathbf{x}))+m\beta + H_f$

Functional Integral Representation of the Pauli-Fierz Model with Spin 1/2

A Feynman-Kac-type formula for a L\'evy and an infinite dimensional Gaussian random process associated with a quantized radiation field is derived. In particular, a functional integral representation

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We consider dressed 1-electron states in a translation-invariant model of non-relativistic QED. To start with a well-defined model, the interaction Hamiltonian is cutoff at very large photon energies

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Abstract In this paper we present a self-contained and detailed exposition of the new renormalization group technique proposed in [1, 2]. Its main feature is that the renormalization group

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Abstract. It is expected that the state of an atom or molecule, initially put into an excited state with an energy below the ionization threshold, relaxes to a ground state by spontaneous emission of


We study the scattering theory for a class of non-relativistic quantum field theory models describing a confined non-relativistic atom interacting with a massless relativistic bosonic field. We


Abstract We consider a system of finitely many nonrelativistic, quantum mechanical electrons bound to static nuclei. The electrons are minimally coupled to the quantized electromagnetic field; but we

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Abstract. We prove that Nelson's massless scalar field model is infrared divergent in three dimensions. In particular, the Nelson Hamiltonian has no ground state in Fock space and thus it is not

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We consider a model of quantum particles coupled to a massless quantum scalar field, called the massless Nelson model, in a non-Fock representation of the time-zero fields which satisfy the canonical

Ground states in non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics

Abstract.The excited states of a charged particle interacting with the quantized electromagnetic field and an external potential all decay, but such a particle should have a true ground state – one