Operative nephroscopy with fiberoptic scope: preliminary report.


New fiberoptic scopes, originally designed for biliary tract operations, were used in 23 cases for removal of residual calculi at pyelolithotomy and for examination of the renal pelvis and ureter. The external diameters of the scopes are 6.6 mm. (CHF-X1) and 4.5 mm. (CHF-X2). Water irrigation and forceps manipulation can be performed simultaneously with the CHF-X1 scope but only irrigation can be done with the CHF-X2 scope. The scopes were reliable and allowed easy endoscopic forceps manipulation. Improvements for an ideal fibroptic nephroscope are discussed.

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@article{Miki1978OperativeNW, title={Operative nephroscopy with fiberoptic scope: preliminary report.}, author={Masaru Miki and Yuji Inaba and Toyohei Machida}, journal={The Journal of urology}, year={1978}, volume={119 2}, pages={166-8} }