Operative indication for patients with acute massive gastric hemorrhage


in ulcus II grade, 15 cases in ulcus III and 9 cases in ulcus IV. 4. In 35 cases of non eroded, exposed arterial lesion in bleeding gastric ulcer, their bleeding source was demonstrated in 25 cases from the bottom of ulcer, in 7 cases from surrounding gastri t is of ulcer and in 3 cases from distant gastri t is of ulcer. 5. The main source of bleeding gastri t is was found in 8 cases from mucosal ulcers which had multiple lesions, in 4 cases f rom follicular erosion, 3 cases from atrophic gastri t is with intestinal mucosal metaplasia, in 5 cases from intramucosal hemorrhage which was mainly demonstrated on the antrium or antrium and its greater cavature, in 2 cases from subacute gastri t is and 1 case under the lamina muscularis mucosae.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02777671

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