Operations Research Models and the Management of Agricultural and Forestry Resources: A Review and Comparison

  title={Operations Research Models and the Management of Agricultural and Forestry Resources: A Review and Comparison},
  author={Andr{\'e}s Weintraub and Carlos Romero},
Operations research (OR) has helped people to understand and manage agricultural and forestry resources during the last 40 years. We analyzed its use to assess the past performance of OR models in this field and to highlight current problems and future directions of research and applications. Thus, in the agriculture part, we concentrate on planning problems at the farm and regional-sector level, environmental implications, risk and uncertainty issues, multiple criteria, and the formulation of… 

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Operations Research Problems and Data Envelopment Analysis in Agricultural Land Processing – A Review

The number of published papers in this specific area has a growing trend over the observed years (with some minor decrease in 2016 and 2019 in comparison with the previous year), and all of the articles are related to specific application of the given methods to solving problems in the agricultural land processing.

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A two-level model and optimization algorithms are introduced to assist forestry companies in simultaneously considering strategic investment and tactical planning decisions and a new approach for solving the tactical mixed integer model is shown.

Forest planning at the tactical level

This paper presents several tactical level planning models that have been developed as a part of a research effort supported by the US Forest Service and have been utilized in land use management and planning by the Forest Service through a specially developed spatial decision support system.

A Problem of Forest Harvesting and Road Building Solved Through Model Strengthening and Lagrangean Relaxation

Results on real planning problems show that even as these problems become more complex, the proposed solution strategies lead to very good solutions, reducing the residual gap for the most difficult data set from 162% to 1.6%, and for all data sets to 2.6% or less.

The impact of environmental constraints on short term harvesting: Use of planning tools and mathematical models

To support decisions at tactical and operational levels, mathematical models have been developed both in Chile and New Zealand and are being used successfully by the timber industries and can be modified to consider diverse environmental protection measures.

Long-Term Forest Ecosystem Planning at Pacific Lumber

VESTRA Resources developed the ecosystem planning express model, Ep(x), which seamlessly integrates geographic information systems with a database resource capability model and a policy-alternative model, providing the inputs to a linear program.

Multicriteria analysis for agricultural resource management: A critical survey and future perspectives