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Operational tools for improving efficiency in wildfire risk reduction in

  title={Operational tools for improving efficiency in wildfire risk reduction in},
  • Annan
  • Published 2015
  • Environmental Science



The intangible effects of Natural Hazards CONHAZ Report

Climate Change and People-Caused Forest Fire Occurrence in Ontario

Climate change that results from increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has the potential to increase temperature and alter rainfall patterns across the boreal forest region of

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Regulatory Reform: An Assessment of the Science and the Art

The continuing efforts in the 104th Congress to legislate requirements for cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and the revised Office of Management and Budget guidelines for the conduct of such assessments

Mapping probability of fire occurrence in San Jacinto Mountains, California, USA

An ecological data base for the San Jacinto Mountains, California, USA, was used to construct a probability model of wildland fire occurrence. The model incorporates both environmental and human

Social Vulnerability to Environmental Hazards

County-level socioeconomic and demographic data were used to construct an index of social vulnerability to environmental hazards, called the Social Vulnerability Index (SoVI) for the United States

On Ignition Modeling

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How to value protection services by forests in mountainous landscapes

Forests provide a variety of ecosystem goods and services to society. One of these services, avalanche protection, has the typical characteristics of a public good: non-excludability and non-rivalry.

BehavePlus fire modeling system: Past, present, and future