Operational Use of Wind Data for Slick Detection


The objective of the reported work has been to provide an operational tool for use of temporal wind (model) data jointly with SAR image sequences for slick detection and veriication. To meet this objective , we focused on: (1) the development of procedures for use of temporal wind data in a satellite SAR oil spill detection system, and (2) the collection and discussion of examples of SAR imagery where wind data may be used in an operational context, and of examples where wind data alone is not suucient to explain the slick connguration seen in the images. In addition, a preliminary study on the feasibility of using surface current elds in slick detection and veri-cation was conducted. The developed methodology and an example of analysis of ERS SAR imagery will be presented, including a discussion of available wind history. Finally, conclusions on the beneets of using a combination of satellite radar and meteorological data for detection of potential oil spills are presented.

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