Operational Signicance of Discord Consumption: Theory and Experiment

  title={Operational Signicance of Discord Consumption: Theory and Experiment},
  author={Mile Gu and Helen M. Chrzanowski and Syed Muhamad Assad and Thomas Symul and Kavan Modi and Timothy C. Ralph and Vlatko Vedral and Ping Koy Lam},
Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore(Dated: December 21, 2013)Coherent interactions that generate negligible entanglement can still exhibit unique quantumbehaviour. This observation has motivated a search beyond entanglement for a complete descriptionof all quantum correlations. Quantum discord is a promising candidate [5, 6]. Here, we demonstratethat under certain measurement constraints, discord between bipartite systems can be consumedto encode information that… Expand

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