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Operational Effectiveness Is Not Strategy What Is Strategy ?

  title={Operational Effectiveness Is Not Strategy What Is Strategy ?},
  author={Michael E. Porter},

Innovation Strategies, First Mover Advantage and Performance in the Context of the Microfinance Sector: A Review of Literature

The prevailing business environment is erratic and unreliable. The accomplishment of trade in such environment is determined by an organization’s capability to adjust and respond to environmental

The micro-foundations of alignment among sponsors and contractors on large engineering projects

Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Engineering Systems Division, 2006.

Food supply chains: Are efficiency and responsiveness mutually exclusive?

This article presents the empirical results of a study of strategic change in 291 organisations operating in New Zealand food supply chains. Firms in food-related businesses have been increasingly

Commentary 1

A conceptual framework for the analysis of health care organizations' performance is proposed and a large scale models and large scale thinking approach to organizational analysis is considered.

A Review of Organizational Performance Assessment in Health Care

The roles and impact of OPA models in use in health care are reviewed, and areas of potential abuse, such as myopia, tunnel vision and gaming, are identified, and the establishment of principles for the development, implementation and prevention of abuse of Opa specific to health care is enabled.



The Economics of Modern Manufacturing: Technology, Strategy, and Organization

Manufacturing is undergoing a revolution. The mass production model is being replaced by a vision of a flexible multiproduct firm that emphasizes quality and speedy response to market conditions