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Operation of the GTS-LHC Source for the Hadron Injector at CERN

  title={Operation of the GTS-LHC Source for the Hadron Injector at CERN},
  author={L. Dumas and Claire E. Hill and D. Hitz and D K{\"u}chler and C. Mastrostefano and Richard Scrivens},
The GTS-LHC ion source, designed and build by CEA Grenoble, was installed and commissioned at CERN in 2005. Since than the source has delivered oxygen and lead ion beams (O 4+ and Pb 27+ from the source, Pb 54+ from the linac) for the commissioning of the Low Energy Ion Ring (LEIR). Results of this operation and attempts to improve the source performance and reliability, and the linac performance will be presented in this paper. 
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